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  • 5 Tips for Marketing Your Job Openings in Batavia, IL

    The recruitment market can be very competitive, especially if your goal is to attract people with specific skills and plenty of drive. To get the best applicants for your available jobs, you need to effectively market your openings. Just like a product on your shelves, an open job listing won’t do you much good if you don’t make sure the right audience knows about it. Here are some tips shared with the Batavia Chamber of Commerce to help you find the best employees for the job.


    1. Carefully Consider What You Need for the Opening


    Wright State University notes that setting the requirements of the position in the job description is one of the most important parts of recruitment. The clearer your requirements, the more likely you are to attract qualified candidates. Remember, hiring is a two-way street. If your expectations don’t match your offering, you are going to have a hard time making a deal.


    Start with the qualifications of the person currently in the position. Alternatively, you may consider the reasonable minimum expectations. For example, a marketing job likely requires either some previous experience or education in the field. However, someone managing your social media accounts probably doesn’t need an MBA. Make sure you know what is happening with the economy and hiring market as you set your expectations.


    2. Make Sure Your Job Descriptions Are Detailed and Compelling


    CIO magazine points out that writing strong job descriptions helps attract better candidates. With a carefully considered set of requirements, you are already halfway there. You just need to translate them into a compelling narrative.


    A strong, attention-grabbing summary can help you set the tone for the rest of the listing and make it clear your job is unique. Make sure to precisely state the requirements, rewards, and responsibilities of the job and update the description if anything changes. Remember, you need to sell applicants on the position while remaining realistic.


    3. Post the Listing on Appropriate Websites


    Next, select one or more job websites for your listing. A large percentage of applicants find positions online today so using major job sites is a must. While you can expect good results with almost any extensive site, it is worth taking time to target the right channel for your industry and listing. If you are expecting a lot of applicants, you may want to consider a few techniques to keep your search organized and focused.


    There is an increasing demand for transparency with job postings, so provide relevant information, including salary range and the benefits package. You can choose to combine this relevant information into a downloadable PDF. An online PDF combiner tool can allow you to combine various HR documents into one applicant-focused file. Simply select the pages you want to include, place them in the drop zone, arrange them however you’d like, and click Merge.


    4. Use Your Website and Social Channels to Increase Traffic


    Once you place a strong listing on the right website, you will start to attract some job hunters that are searching through a variety of possibilities. However, this may not grab the attention of candidates specifically interested in your business. Make sure to list the job description on your website and link it to the application even if this is already on the job listing site. Additionally, utilize your social channels to promote your openings.


    Consider adding an eye-catching banner on your website promoting job openings. It’s easy to create one using an online banner maker. Editable templates allow you to customize predesigned banners with your own text, colors, and imagery.


    5. Take Advantage of Referrals to Find Great Candidates


    Finally, use referrals from trusted associates such as other business leaders and current employees. Often, word of mouth is the best way to find the right candidates. Not only are they more likely to be interested, but they are also often solid applicants. Getting active with professional networking can help as well since it is mutually beneficial for applicants and employers.


    Start a Successful Candidate Search


    As you look for new candidates, make sure that you post accurate job descriptions on the appropriate channels. And be transparent by including information about your benefits package through a merged PDF. Also, make sure to measure and record your success so you can improve with practice. After all, hopefully your business will thrive and you’ll be doing this for years to come!


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