• Testimonial from Terry Semmens, Northwestern Medicine "As the West Region of Northwestern Medicine has many different chamber memberships (14 at last count),  I have had the good fortune to interact with many different chambers. While I value all, I find the Batavia Chamber of Commerce is in truly elite company in the value it delivers to its membership. More...



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    Join the Chamber Connectors!

    Chamber Connectors are business minded people that meet weekly to build new relationships, foster business networking opportunities, and share new ideas and business best practices among group members to help each other grow their businesses and contribute to the development of the Batavia and surrounding Fox Valley communities.

    Meeting Days/Time: Every Thursday from 7:45-9am

    Meeting Location: Denny's, 521 N. Randall Road, Batavia, IL

  • Members: To be considered for membership in the Chamber Connectors, individual's member company must be a member of the Batavia Chamber of Commerce. Chamber Connectors is Industry Exclusive. For a current list of members and their industry, click HERE.

    Dues & Attendance: No monthly or annual dues. Regular, weekly meeting attendance is expected by all group members. Advance notice should be given to the group ahead of time, when possible, regarding meetings not able to attend.

    Annual Charitable Fund Donation: For each meeting missed without advance notification to the group, the missing member will pay $5 into a group fund that will be used to donate to a local charity at the end of each year.

    For Additional Information: Please contact Holly Deitchman, President & CEO, Batavia Chamber of Commerce, at (630) 879-7134 or holly@bataviachamber.org.

  • Chamber Connectors in action!

  • Andrew Krause (Chair) and Jeff Vekony Andrew Krause (Chair) and Jeff Vekony

  • Inspire Celebration Inspire Celebration

  • Charitable Donation to Mutual Ground Charitable Donation to Mutual Ground