• Testimonial from Terry Semmens, Northwestern Medicine "As the West Region of Northwestern Medicine has many different chamber memberships (14 at last count),  I have had the good fortune to interact with many different chambers. While I value all, I find the Batavia Chamber of Commerce is in truly elite company in the value it delivers to its membership. More...



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    Empowering leadership development organization who offers executive coaching, leadership training and inspirational speaking.
    The Athletics of Business is a mindset built on the foundational belief that the skills and traits developed in athletics are not only applicable in the business world, they are key to your success. I am not talking about overnight success either. What I am talking about is sustained success, working toward maximizing your potential on a daily basis. Making those around you better every day, whether it be a co-worker or a client by adding value to them every day. Becoming a person of action every single day. Being focused, driven and goal oriented. Having a plan and doing whatever is necessary to execute that plan to the best of your ability. Being resilient and persistent in the face of adversity and all the while keeping a positive attitude. Understanding the importance of time management. Having a passion for what you do and having fun doing it. Being self-motivated and self-disciplined. Seeking and embracing challenges. Being a great teammate who is competitive and calm under pressure. The list is truly endless!
    The Athletics of Business is about getting into your greatness. Get Great! Get Great at everything you do in life by making the most out of your physical and mental ability. In athletics we talk non-stop about how the person you are ''off the court'' impacts your success ''on the court.'' The same holds true in the business world. Who you are ''away from the office'' greatly impacts your success ''at the office'', whatever your office may be. So Get Great at being a parent, spouse, son or daughter, community member, leader, etc.

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    Ed Molitor
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