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    About Us

    Aurora Chiropractic was established in 2015 with the focus of serving you with the latest in holistic health technologies and techniques. We continue to research and educate our patients about the latest advances in health and wellness.

    We believe that a well educated and informed patient is one who is actively involved in the total care process. This often leads to faster and a more complete recovery and a higher quality of life moving forward.

    It all starts with a comprehensive health evaluation. We don’t just “meet and treat.” It takes us at least 24 hours to analyze the data collected on your initial visit to create a clear and effective personalized treatment plan that matches your individual needs. You are our most important patient.

    Our mantra is “God • Family • Health.” We help our clients to live a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle. Our ultimate goal is to help you improve and maintain the high-quality life that you deserve. We do this while being respectful of your time, and reducing pain levels as soon as possible. Our average repeat office visits last around 15 minutes (versus an hour or more with many offices).

    Our focus is also on affordable healthcare. We offer you a FREE benefits check. We work with most major insurance companies including Blue Cross, United Health Care, Aetna, Medicare, and others. We’ll help you find the most affordable options including financing through Care Credit with optional 0 percent financing (subject to credit approval).

    Please feel free to Contact Us for help in rediscovering a pain-free lifestyle!

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