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Batavia's mayor/council form of government effectively and efficiently serves the needs of Batavia's more than 25,000 residents. Government consists of the mayor and 14 council members, aided by a city administrator, city clerk and city attorney.

The city government is headquartered in a historic stone building in the center of the city. The building, once the production facility for Appleton windmills, completed a $3.5 million renovation program in 1998 that expanded and updated the area of the structure occupied by the Police Department, and created a new town hall at the south end of the building.

The Batavia Police Department has 39 sworn officers, 9 civilian staffers, and 15 auxiliary police. All police officers, sworn and auxiliary, receive regular training in law enforcement practices. Two police units are especially noteworthy: A Gang Intervention Unit gives talks throughout the community on gang prevention. Members of a Special Assignment Team serve as problem solvers in a community policing program. They handle disturbances, domestic conflicts, and other problems that develop in the course of community life.

Police officials direct a comprehensive community relations program. It includes the D.A.R.E. program of drug prevention in lower grades; "Operation Snowball," a growing nationwide program of drug prevention at the high school level; a school liaison officer who is permanently stationed at Batavia High School; and a community services officer who patrols the city's bike trails. The department is also cooperating with the Park District and the School District in overseeing the Park District's new Teen Center at the Eastside Community Center.

The Batavia Fire Department operates out of two strategically positioned fire stations, one on the city's west side, the other on the east side. The department has 24 full-time firefighters, six of whom are trained paramedics and 30 paid-on-call firefighters. The paramedics operate a life-support equipped ambulance stationed at the west side station. A second ambulance is held in reserve at the east side station.

The department's equipment includes four pumper engines, a pumper tanker, a 100-foot aerial ladder, an emergency vehicle with extrication equipment, a brush fire pumper, a pick-up truck, and staff cars.

Members of the Fire Department continually visit the city's schools to promote fire prevention. They participate in the Batavia Mothers Club's annual Safety Day. In addition, they make regular inspections of all commercial buildings in the community and review plans for new construction to assure proper fire safety.

ESDA (Emergency Services and Disaster Agency) monitors tornado and severe storms and sends out a warning and alerts Batavia Residents. A 37,000-square foot Public Works garage east of the river houses the offices of the Electric, Streets, and Sanitation Depart